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Conversation with Venerable Dhammananda

Facilitated by Cindy Raiscot, Lama Tsomo had a conversation with Venerable Dhammananda about Buddhist archetypes, White Tara, Green Taras, and the different lenses that we use to view reality.

To watch the video of the full conversation, visit Cindy Raiscot's YouTube channel.

Four Immeasurables Retreat

Love and compassion need to be cultivated. The four immeasurables offer a path to cultivate an expansive heart. Taught in person by Lama Tsomo in Boulder, Colorado (with the option for students to join online as well), this weekend retreat will focus on meditation practices centered around each of the four qualities mentioned in the Metta Sutta.

To register for the event either online or in person in Boulder, Colorado, visit Namchak's website.

Collective Trauma Summit

Are you passionate about growth and healing? Lama Tsomo is one of the speakers at the Collective Trauma Summit, an online gathering to share ideas and inspire action to heal individual, ancestral and collective trauma. With topics including Trauma-Informed Therapy, Social Resilience, Spiritual Trauma & Healing, Social Justice, Climate, Art, Music, Poetry, and more, this event allows participants to learn from experts and visionaries as you explore emergent approaches and solutions to collective trauma.

To register for the event or watch a replay, visit Collective Trauma Summit.

Lama Tsomo on the Wisdom Podcast

In this episode of the Wisdom Podcast, host Daniel Aitken and Lama Tsomo discuss the art of retreat and how to prepare yourself for a retreat, the four immeasurables and how they relate to meditation practices and habit formation, how to incorporate your practice into your busy schedule, and so much more.

To listen to the episode, visit Wisdom Experience's website.

Meet Four Inspiring Buddhist Women of Wisdom

Lama Tsomo was featured as one of the four women Buddhist teachers who are shaping Buddhism in America. along with Doshin Mako Voelkel, Bonnie Duran, and Myokei Caine-Barrett, Shonin. These women all come from different backgrounds and bring their own personalities to their teachings. For Lama Tsomo, humor is a way to cope and to learn.

To read the full article and learn about these four unique teachers, visit the Lion's Roar website.

Boundless Lovingkindness on Tricycle with Lama Tsomo

In many cases, we Westerners struggle when it comes to feeling love and affection for ourselves. We find endless reasons—both subconscious and conscious—to withhold the feeling of deep love for ourselves, from thinking we're not worthy of love to believing we're only lovable if we're perfect. Fortunately, the practice of boundless lovingkindness provides a way to slowly reverse that habit by offering us a safe, dependable source of love and warmth that's directed first to ourselves, and then to those around us.

To read the full article, visit Tricycle's website.

The Four Immeasurables Retreat with Lama Tsomo in Missoula, Montana

Love and compassion aren't just passing sentiments—they are capacities we all have and can grow! Anyone looking to expand their capacity for connection and compassion can join Lama Tsomo either online or in person in Missoula, Montana for this retreat. No meditation or previous experience is required.

During this intimate weekend retreat, meditation teacher and award-winning author Lama Tsomo will introduce you to these ancient teachings in a modern way. Participants will learn meditation practices focused on each of the four qualities as referenced in the Metta Sutta.

To learn more or sign up for the retreat, visit Namchak.org.

Reader's Digest: How to Meditate

Reduced stress, better emotional health, increased kindness, improved sleep, who wouldn't want these benefits? In this article, Reader's Digest puts together the research showing how meditation can improve your life and provides some simple steps to get started, quoting lots of experts along the way.

Lama Tsomo is one of the experts brought on to help, and she explains what meditation is and how meditation doesn't clear your mind of thoughts but rather allows you to acknowledge your thoughts and stay rooted in the present moment.

To read the whole article, visit Reader's Digest.

The Depth of Generosity: A Reflection for Giving Tuesday

Lama Tsomo's Tricyle article talks about Giving Tuesday, the concept of "perfections" in Buddhism, and how generosity can be quite powerful.

"The perfection of generosity challenges us to identify our expectations, projections, and attachments—those things we think we need or don't need in order to have a “perfect” life—and find a way to release and go beyond them."

To read to the full article, visit the Tricycle website.

Lion's Roar Podcast with Lama Tsomo

Buddhist teacher Lama Tsomo talks about her new book, Deepening Wisdom, Deepening Connection, shamatha meditation, the four prized emotions referred to as the “Divine Abodes,” and how to find your own Buddhist teacher, including a “calm abiding” meditation.

To listen to the episode, visit Lion's Roar.

Mindrolling Podcast with Lama Tsomo

Lama Tsomo joins Mindrolling Podcast's host Raghu Markus for a discussion on becoming happy, cultivating compassion, and seeing between the frames of the movie of me.

Reflecting on how as a child her greatest wish was to be happy, Lama Tsomo notes how she follows this thread still today using and sharing practices and spiritual techniques learned through her personal dharma journey, and under the blessing of her teacher, Tulku Sangak Rinpoche.

To listen to the full episode, visit the Be Here Now Network's website.

Accepting Compassion in Action Fellowship Applications

Namchak's Compassion in Action Fellowship is a yearlong inner & outer change program that supports college and university student leaders in learning meditation practice, building community, and promoting social change.

Fellows will have the opportunity to join calls with Lama Tsomo and other mentors to gain deeper knowledge, practice and support.

If you're a university student in the US or Canada between the ages of 18-25 and want to apply (the deadline is May 1st), visit Namchak.org .

Compassion for Ukraine Meditation

Lama Tsomo hosted a community meditation on the Namchak Facebook page of Compassion for Ukraine. "We breathe for everyone. Breathing in the suffering. And then on the exhale, through the lens of our compassionate heart and the power of our compassionate intent in our minds, out to all and to everyone"

To see more community meditations and join the community yourself, you can follow the Namchak Community Facebook page.

The Duncan Trussel Family Hour Podcast

On Duncan Trussel's podcast, Duncan and Lama Tsomo discuss what a Lama is, her path to finding her teacher Tulku Sangak Rinpoche, and how she became a Lama herself.

They also discussed the Four Immeasurables: loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity. They discuss what those concepts mean as well as how to recognize them in your own life.

To listen to the podcast episode, visit Duncan Trussel's website.

Lama Tsomo Offers Accessible Introduction To Tibetan Buddhism in 'Ancient Wisdom' books

Northwest Dharma Association discusses Lama Tsomo's new book, Wisdom & Compassion (Starting with Yourself), which breaks down three foundational Vajrayana meditation practices that complement each other to promote happiness and well-being: Shamata, Tonglen, and Cleansing the Stale Winds.

The book, with a forward by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, gives readers an opportunity to put Vajrayana wisdom into practice in an accessible way, guided by imagery of poses and positions.

To read the full article, visit Northwest Dharma Association.

The Buddhist Healing Pair: Wisdom & Compassion with Lama Tsomo

On the Fit for Joy podcast, Valeria Teles interviews Lama Tsomo — the author of “Wisdom & Compassion: Starting with Yourself — (Ancient Wisdom for Our Times Tibetan Buddhist Practice Series – Book 2).”

Tranquil Abiding helps us calm the waters of the mind, allowing us to experience truth more clearly. We can learn a lot through studying the nature of the mind and reality, but we can’t stop there.

To listen to the podcast episode, visit Fit for Joy.

Samsara by the Nanosecond with Lama Tsomo

In Tricycle magazine, Lama Tsomo explains why breaking the automatic chain reaction of our thoughts is the key to finding peace.

One thought arises, then tumbles into another, then another. We can experience the true nature of our minds, see to the depths, only once the waters have been stilled, but how can we still those waters?

To read the full article, visit Tricycle.

Deepening Wisdom, Deepening Connection

The second book in Lama Tsomo's newest series, Ancient Wisdom for our Times, is available now.

In Wisdom & Compassion, the second volume of her practice series, Lama Tsomo continues her journey with Tibetan Buddhist practice, sharing insights from her teacher Gochen Tulku Sangak* Rinpoche, Buddha, and her own personal journey.

To learn more about the book or purchase a copy for yourself, visit Namchak Publishing.

Practice for the World: Chenrezi with Lama Tsomo

It’s no secret that the world needs more compassion right now. Join the Namchak Community and Lama Tsomo for an introduction to the Tantric visualization practice of the deity Chenrezi, the Bodhisattva of Compassion. In this short, simple, yet powerful practice, we will come together to generate compassion in our hearts and minds for all beings. (No experience necessary)

To sign up for this online event, visit EventBrite.

Clearing the Lens Workshop

The Namchak Foundation is pleased to offer a workshop in partnership with their friends at the Academy for the Love of Learning®. Students will explore the ways we can cultivate awareness within ourselves and grow as we engage with those around us, ultimately living happier and more meaningful lives.

This retreat is already sold out, but to see more events like this one, visit Namchak.org.

Four Immeasurables Retreat

Love and compassion aren’t just feelings—they are capacities we all have the ability to cultivate. How can we open our hearts to experience an expansive sense of love, true connection, and lasting inner peace? Lama Tsomo will lead a retreat over Zoom on how to engage The Four Immeasurables (or Boundless Qualities).

To sign up for the weekend retreat, visit Namchak.org.

Lion's Roar Guided Tonglen

On the Lion's Roar podcast, Lama Tsomo shares a guided tonglen (sending and receiving) meditation to apply your personal practice to widening social circles, get grounded, and move from fear into love, and to hold each other with care when fostering a connection.

To listen to the podcast and try the guided meditation yourself, visit Lion's Roar.

Not "Us" vs. "Them", Just "Us": Gathering & Practice

The view at Namchak is that the events at the Capitol highlighted the perceived divide between “Us" and "Them.” This mentality can keep us trapped in our own delusions of separation, fear and suffering. In this Facebook gathering, Lama Tsomo guides participants through Tonglen, a practice of compassion and connection.

You can watch the recording of this event from Namchak's Facebook page.

Taking a Breath: Meditation and Reflection Journal

In 20 years of teaching, Lama Tsomo learned that the most challenging part of meditation is making it a daily habit. Tsomo created this meditation and reflection journal to help people learn how to gain the most benefit from meditation and create a healthy daily habit.

To read more about the journal or to purchase a copy for yourself, visit Namchak Publishing.

Biden’s presidential win: Buddhists respond

In the midst of the historic 2020 U.S. presidential election, Lion’s Roar reached out to Buddhism-informed leaders and teachers for their responses to both the election process and its result: the victory of Joe Biden. Roshi Joan Halifax, Lama Tsomo, Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, Norman Fischer, and more provide commentary and look at what we can do moving forward.

To read the article and watch the video responses from these leaders, visit Lion's Roar.

Waking Up in Community: Taking Your Practice into the World

Lama Tsomo teams up with Aaron Stern for a special Zoom workshop focused on bringing your inner practice into everyday life. Among the goals: creating the habit of staying in connection with your true self and others, whatever comes your way.

Find more information or to sign up to join, visit Namchak.org.

We Rise Now Election Eve Vigil

Lama Tsomo joined prominent spiritual and religious teachers from multiple traditions for an election vigil with We Rise Now. These teachers shared how practices of meditation can renew and activate your life, no matter what the election brings. The vigil was streamed live on Facebook and is also available on YouTube.

To learn about We Rise Now and to watch the replays of the vigil, visit We Rise Now.

Compassion Off The Cushion: Engaged Bodhichitta for Westerners

There is an abundance of distractions and pressures going against our natural ability to feel and act from the fact that we’re all connected at the root. Menla brings Robert Thurman and Lama Tsomo together for a day-long exploration of how the qualities of heart and mind can support us in our efforts to wage peace through lively conversation, stories, laughter, guided mediation, and small group work.

Find more information or to register for this event, visit Menla.org.

Awakin Call with Lama Tsomo and Jacques Verduin

Moderated by Mariette Fourmeaux, Awakin brings together Jacques Verduin and Lama Tsomo for a timely conversation exploring insights, tools, and practices to support ourselves, our families, our work, and our communities during this year of confinement and constant, confusing, uncertain change.

Find more information or to listen to the call, visit Awakin.

Lama Tsomo at the Reawaken Summit

Lama Tsomo discussed how the suffering of one is the suffering of all and how we are all connected. She described how our inner work and learning to see reality is the way forward and how we can avoid burnout while helping others.

Talks are available for purchase from Lion's Roar.

Lama Tsomo with the SF Dharma Collective

Lama Tsomo spoke with the SF Dharma Collective, a community-led sangha, for this live conversation. We can’t go back to the way we have been doing things, so we are called on to create inner and outer change. Sangha is a vital piece of this necessary growth and change. She concludes with a Tonglen practice to increase our capacity for compassion for ourselves and others.

Watch the replay on YouTube to listen to their conversation and try this guided meditation for yourself.

Tools for Navigating Uncertain Times: Sitting with Not-Knowing

Many of us are asking, “What should I do?” But rushing to answers without some processing of this—inwardly and with friends—might mean running in a direction that might not be right for us. Can we bear to sit in the not-knowing for awhile? Lama Tsomo was joined by her friend Konda Mason, a Dharma teacher and activist. Together, they sat in the not-knowing, and invite you to listen, comment, and join in as Konda lead a meditation.

Watch the replay on YouTube to listen to their conversation and try this guided meditation for yourself.

Tools for Navigating Uncertain Times: Inner and Outer Work

In this teaching, Lama Tsomo discusses the connection between inner and outer work to help you to ride the waves of strong emotions and access your own compassionate wisdom. Explore time and lab-tested methods that will help you look at your current hardships (anxiety, depression, stress, etc.) and use them as opportunities for growth and perhaps even happiness.

Watch the replay on YouTube and try this guided meditation for yourself.

Tools for Navigating Uncertain Times: Working with Anxiety

In this teaching, Lama Tsomo shares wisdom about working with anxiety and guides a short meditation. These methods can help you to ride the waves of strong emotions and access your own compassionate wisdom. Through these practices, you can become more peaceful, content, and flexible.

Watch the replay on YouTube and try this guided meditation for yourself.

Looking Forward with Lama Tsomo

As our cities and states began to open, Lama Tsomo provided advice on how to move forward, to focus on the innerwork of your life, and to envision a new paradigm post COVID-19 without falling into the problematic stance of hope or fear, but rather to tune into our true motivation of compassion.

Go to the Namchak website to read her the full post on looking forward.

Tools for Navigating Uncertain Times: Calming the Waters

If you are feeling anxious, stressed, uncertain you are not alone. Many recent studies have shown that meditation can help us to find stability of mind and strengthen our capacities for connection and compassion. In this live evening class, Lama Tsomo will share a simple practice to help you access the calm and center that are core to your being.

Watch the replay on YouTube and try this guided meditation for yourself. .

Tools for Navigating Uncertain Times: Cultivating Compassion

How do we cultivate compassion, especially in difficult times? Lama Tsomo led a live call to take people through how to get grounded in our practice, move from fear to love, and hold each other with care.

Watch the replay on YouTube and try this guided meditation for yourself.

COVID-19 Blog Series

Most of us are looking for guidance and some tools to gain comfort as we navigate the new world of COVID-19. Lama Tsomo has begun a question-and-answer series on the Namchak blog where she shares advice and recommendations for how to cope, how to meditate even when you're feeling stressed, and how you can use your practice to benefit our personal lives, community, and the world.

Read this series as well as more updates from the Namchak Community at https://blog.namchak.org/

Compassion in Action Fellowship

Launch of the Compassion In Action student fellowship program. The Compassion in Action Fellowship is a yearlong inner & outer change program that supports college and university students in learning meditation practice, building community, and engaging in meaningful social change.

The fellowship integrates ancient and modern wisdom to support young leaders of today in addressing the interconnected challenges of the twenty-first century. To nominate a student (by March 31st) or to apply yourself (by April 15th), visit: namchak.org/fellowship

Four Immeasurables Retreat Update

Lama Tsomo led two intimate weekend retreats in New York City and Berkeley focusing on the Tibetan Buddhist practice of the Four Boundless Qualities (or Immeasurables). Rooted in the ancient wisdom of Tibetan Buddhist tradition, the meditation practices provide different avenues to break free of isolation and experience the feeling of true connection to all and everyone.

To find out about upcoming retreats and events, and to take part in one yourself, head to the Namchak.org website.

The Four Immeasurables Retreat

Lama Tsomo will be hosting two separate retreats covering The Four Immeasurables this February. The Four Immeasurables, known in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition as the path to cultivate a limitless heart, help us to experience a level of awareness in which isolation and the sense of separation dissolve and we are able to feel our natural connection to one another and to the world.

The first retreat will be held in New York City, from February 7th - February 9th. The second will be held in Berkeley, California, from February 14th - February 16th. For more information or to sign up and join the retreat, go to the Namchak website.

Interview on KKUP

Lama Tsomo spoke with Diane Solomon, host of "A Meeting of the Ways", on KKUP radio in California.

Their discussion was about Tibetan Buddhist meditation for beginners and about Lama Tsomo's work with the Namchak Foundation. You can listen to the conversation below and find out more about Namchak at Namchak.org

Awakin Call

Awakin Call is a weekly global series of deep conversations with inspiring changemakers. Andy Smallman moderated an Awakin Call with Lama Tsomo titled "Sustaining Our Spiritual Practices in the Face of Frustration and Discouragement".

Listen to the call to hear a great conversation and to find out what makes Lama Tsomo come alive, some pivotal turning points in her life, and more.

SAND 2020

Lama Tsomo taught the audience at SAND (Science and Nonduality) 2020 the ancient Tibetan compassion practice of Tonglen, one of the Four Boundless Qualities practices.

Tonglen is used to grow our capacity for feeling the truth of our deep, loving connection with everyone. It is an antidote to isolation and an antidote to "othering" … a perfect medicine for these times.

You can watch the full video on SAND's website.

Coming Awake to Your Projections and Loving Yourself

Lama Tsomo wrote an article for SoundsTrue called "Coming Awake to Your Projections and Loving Yourself". In it, she discusses what projection is and her own experiences with projection. She then goes into detail on how to come awake to your projections via a Western lens and also through an Eastern lens.

"Imagine if a critical mass of people became fluent in these skills and capacities, bringing us closer together in camaraderie rather than causing us to build walls of protection and projection against each other."