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The Four Immeasurables Retreat

Lama Tsomo will be hosting two separate retreats covering The Four Immeasurables this February. The Four Immeasurables, known in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition as the path to cultivate a limitless heart, help us to experience a level of awareness in which isolation and the sense of separation dissolve and we are able to feel our natural connection to one another and to the world.

The first retreat will be held in New York City, from February 7th - February 9th. The second will be held in Berkeley, California, from February 14th - February 16th. For more information or to sign up and join the retreat, go to the Namchak website.

Awakin Call

Awakin Call is a weekly global series of deep conversations with inspiring changemakers. Andy Smallman moderated an Awakin Call with Lama Tsomo titled "Sustaining Our Spiritual Practices in the Face of Frustration and Discouragement".

Listen to the call to hear a great conversation and to find out what makes Lama Tsomo come alive, some pivotal turning points in her life, and more.

Coming Awake to Your Projections and Loving Yourself

Lama Tsomo wrote an article for SoundsTrue called "Coming Awake to Your Projections and Loving Yourself". In it, she discusses what projection is and her own experiences with projection. She then goes into detail on how to come awake to your projections via a Western lens and also through an Eastern lens.

"Imagine if a critical mass of people became fluent in these skills and capacities, bringing us closer together in camaraderie rather than causing us to build walls of protection and projection against each other."